Blueface is launching a new reality show offering $1 million to the best female rapper.

Blueface Seeks Best Female Rapper on New Reality Show

On Sunday night (Dec. 10), Blueface shared a promo for his new reality show Rap Queens West, which will air via the Zues Network, the home of Blueface and Chrisean Rock's reality show Crazy in Love.  In the clip, which can be seen below, Blue does his best Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood impression while announcing his new show.

"We are looking for the best, the newest, the most original female rap artist that we can find," Blueface says in the video. "I love women. You see what I've done with Jaidyn. You see what I've done with Chrisean. I value women from all walks of life. There's no weight limits. There's no height limits. We might take a fat b***h. We might take a midget."

He continued: "I would like to invite you to audition for my show, Rap Queens West. We are looking to give away a $1 million deal, on behalf of MILF music and the Zeus Network."

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Blueface's History With Reality TV

This is not Blueface's first foray into reality TV of this kind. In 2020, he launched Blue's Girls Clubwhere 10 random women stayed at his Los Angeles mansion. Blue then posted the footage of all the drama to his OnlyFans account. The show featured the introduction of Chrisean Rock, whom Blue would eventually engage in a longterm relationship with.

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Watch Blueface announce the launch of his new reality show below.

Watch the Promo for Rap Queens West 

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