Blueface and his mom are both telling their respective sides of their family feud.

In a lengthy Instagram post uploaded last night (July 2), Blueface's mother Karlissa Saffold explained what sparked the dramatic scene that was broadcasted on her Instagram Live stream inside her son's home in California. Although she demands the respect every mother deserves, Saffold also apologizes for "pushing Blueface to anger."

"My son has never disrespected me or any adults as long as he has been on this earth," Saffold writes in her Instagram caption. "There’s not a teacher, coach, principle, family member or anyone else who will testify that he has ever! The person I exposed was Mr. BlueFace that was not my son and I made sure he knew it. Whoever is creating this person was put on notice that I’ll put the whole situation on blast to protect my son. My children know that I would die for them without blinking and I needed whomever is testing him or me to know it. I deeply regret pushing BlueFace to anger but I refuse to allow him to destroy my son Johnathan! This was not about money or me trying to control his house because if I see the devil coming in you can best believe I’m going to be right behind her."

At the same time, the 2019 XXL Freshman also told fans his version of what happened with his mother and sister that night before the Instagram Live video went viral. In surveillance video he posted to his timeline, we can see and hear his mother screaming at him as if they were engaged in an argument. In the next clip, we see his mother walk out of the living room while his sister seems to go into the kitchen to grab a knife.

"Sense they wanna go viral so bad this the real story," Blueface writes in his caption for his Instagram post further explaining the conflict. "My mom got tired of my broke ass sister free loading at her house so she brought her to mine an I wasn’t going for it I already got her an apartment guess that wasn’t enough she want my car she want me to buy her a car off the lot an some more stuff I was homeless in my own car for years ain’t nobody wanna let me stay at they house I had to thug it out ‍♂️ but I C my fans ain’t real fans y’all turn like corners fucc all you fake ass fans that’s y I’m in it just for the money."

XXL has reached out to Blueface's camp for comment on the initial viral video. Check out posts from Blueface's mother and Blueface himself below.

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