Blueface doesn't think 6ix9ine will get a pass in his city regardless of how much his new record deal is worth.

TMZ caught up with the 2019 XXL Freshman on Friday (Oct. 11) and asked him to share his thoughts on the beleaguered rapper, who may be released from prison sooner than expected. Blueface completely denounced 6ix9ine's plans to revive his music career. He also proclaimed that the Tekashi, who's been labeled as a snitch by major names in the music industry, won't get any kind of pass in his hood.

"He don't get no passes man," Blueface said. "We don't do no snitching out here. He don't get no pass. These white people don't care man. They wanna make they money. They don't give a damn if you snitching. They don't live by that. So for the labels, it's cool for them that's more publicity for them."

Since 6ix9ine's high-profile testimony last month, Blueface along with several other artists, have voiced their opinions on Tekashi's decision to turn against his former Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods associates.

"It'll be a statement, we'll see if it lasts," Blueface said when asked about snitching becoming a trend. "I don't think it will. You never know in 2019 shit. [6ix9ine] started that wave where you to get on the Internet and say whatever the fuck to get a reaction. He started that wave. That's what got him hot I guess."

Watch Blueface speak on 6ix9ine below.

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