Jamaican-born, Harlem-raised rapper BL'EVE Brown looks to add you to his "Payroll" if he feels like the price is right. B'LEVE drops the hazy visual to the song along with "I'm About That" in an XXL premiere today (Nov. 22).

Directed by Darpoh of Audiophile Plus, the video features B'LEVE and Jimmy 2Shoes hugging the block in Brooklyn and riding around Manhattan in a Range Rover -- all while B'LEVE delivers his rhymes and 2Shoes serves his adlibs behind a wolf mask.

"All I need is a platform/Been popular since niggas rocking Phat Farm/I'm riding through the tunnel in a Range/I'm picking up that shawty with the bands," spits B'LEVE.

"I wanted to show everyone what this New East Coast wave is all about," B'LEVE tells XXL of the motivation for the new video. "We took two records and made one video, telling one story. The inspiration is simple, I wanted to let people know that I'm serious about this music game; 'I'm About That Cash' and if you're on my wave, I want to put you on that 'Payroll.'

"Jay Z said it best: 'You're only a customer, walking in the presence of hustlers' and I know what position I play. The video was intended to have a minimalistic feel with a cinematic look. We used a lot of dissolves to have you ride the wave of the song. As more people tune in to the music, the more complex and creative we'll get. We're about to have a good time in these streets."

Since he was featured on The Break back in 2012, B'LEVE has been steadily building his fan base online. The song for "Payroll" was released eight months ago and is currently at 41 million plays on SoundCloud.

B'LEVE's next project, Cosmosis, is due out in early 2017 and with "Payroll" being one of his most successful tracks to date, there's no doubt this banger will show up on the new offering. Check out the video for "Payroll" and "I'm About That" above.

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