Black Eyed Peas continued their comeback with an overtly political single and music video for "Ring the Alarm pt. 1, pt. 2. pt. 3," which condemns systems of power and demands a revolution., clad in a Black Panther-evoking beret, opens by declaring the world "fucking bonkers" and proceeds to indict the internet and an oppressive government in a screed against political inaction. Fergie, veiling her face and sporting a beret of her own, delivers a snarling hook that functions as a call to action, and a warning: "Wake up, wake up, sound the alarm/Revolution time has come."

Taboo and add critiques of the educational system, unchecked police forces and the White House, interspersed in the video with images of veiled soldiers and seamstresses sewing black-and-white flags. Part three of the video concludes with rapping in a church, announcing that "the revolution is on go."

In conjunction with the song, the group launched an interactive website in partnership with the digital fan loyalty startup Sweet. The new site allows listeners to earn Black Eyed Peas-branded tokens, which can be exchanged for real-world rewards, in exchange for participating in social actions convened by the group.

"Ring the Alarm" is the quartet's second new song of the year, following the January single "Street Livin." The inclusion of Fergie should shut down any lingering rumors that she left the group.

Watch the Black Eyed Peas' new video for "Ring the Alarm pt. 1, pt. 2. pt. 3" below.

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