Black Dave's got that Guwop feeling. That's the vibe he gives off on his new song "Feel Like Gucci," a banger featuring the talents of Diego Money and Mike Cook Burst, which he's premiered exclusively to XXL.

The new track features an instrumental Gucci Mane would probably sound great on and it includes lyrics that take you right to the trap. "Feel like Gucci in the kitchen, feel like Gucci, Feel like Gucci in the kitchen, feel like Gucci," goes the first half of the hook, which also includes some of Gucci Mane's signature adlibs in the background.

The beat was produced by Hixx, who's just a teenager. "[Hixx is] a 17-year-old high school student from Staten Island. Talented kid," Black Dave tells XXL.

Diego Money hails from Texas, and has collabed with the incarcerated Tay-K, a fellow Texan, on a track in the past. It was a meeting at the home of another rapper that led he and Dave to link up. "I met Diego Money in Los Angeles at rapper Dro Fe’s crib," Dave reveals. "He kept it 100. He was fucking with the song when I played it for him."

"Feel Like Gucci" is all set to appear on Black Dave's new project, which he's gearing up to release, as soon as he finds somewhere to release it to.

"I’m talking to Ultra Records right now, we're in the process of getting the business side figured out so I can release my [new] project through them," offers the New York rapper. As for the rest of 2018?

"I'm focused on recording music and branding my skate videos," says Dave, who's experimented with punk rock in the past. "I have a project pretty much done titled Blowin Dope Wit My Skaters. I've been traveling a lot to Los Angeles in the past year to work on different content with Adam22 of No Jumper, he's also heavily involved in both the hip-hop and skater scenes on the West Coast. I'm also apart of a group called Stoned Rollers SRSG and we'll have a lot of merchandise plus music coming out through that brand."

Check out "Feel Like Gucci" for yourself below. Give his previous mixtape, Stay Black 3, a spin when you're done.

Black Dave
Black Dave

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