The beef between Memphis rappers Blac Youngsta and Young Dolph has been brewing over the past few weeks. In light of Dolph touting himself as the King of Memphis despite Blac Youngsta's partner in crime Yo Gotti also proclaiming himself as the city's top dog, Gotti's artist has reiterated his thoughts on his new diss track "Shake Sum" as he sends direct shots at Dolph.

Spending the first verse running down his resume in the Memphis streets, Blac Youngsta sets his sights on his new rival on the tracks second sixteen. Mentioning Young Dolph by name and leaving the subliminal threats at home, Youngsta barks "A Dolph don't wanna play, hoe/I'm on tour with the K, hoe/Mac 11's, Smith-N-Wessons, extended clip, 100 rounds on the Drago/How the fuck you the King of Memphis, you ain't from the city, nigga you from Chicago/Fuck boy you better lay low, killers move when I say so," claiming that it's impossible for him to be the King of a city he didn't earn his stripes in.

He also discredits Young Dolph's tales of the trap and pegs him as a poser with the lines "Dolph, he ain't put in no work, you a hoe on the low-low/Talking bout you the plug best friend, nigga, you ain't selling no work/Niggas busting on you in ya own hood, fuck boy, you a no-show/Fuck boy, you ain't clutch back, you ain't slide through and bust back/You ain't Craig Petties, you ain't the King of South Memphis, nigga, you can hush that."

Blac Youngsta spends the remaining portion of the track attacking Dolph even more, alleging that he moved from Chicago out of fear for his life and that his image of being a trap star is all a facade.

While "Shake Sum" is the first official diss track, only time will tell if Young Dolph will respond on record aside from thinly veiled jabs like the ones on his recent appearance on Trouble's "Ready (Remix)."

Dolph posted videos to Instagram last night (March 17) calling "Ho Gotti" a "bitch" and claiming Gotti sent Blac Youngsta to do his talking.

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