In a video that may very well make Funkmaster Flex's head explode on the spot, Desiigner and Blac Youngsta have gotten together in the studio exaggerating the mumble rap qualities some have come to deride from newer artists such as themselves.

One in about every five words is actually decipherable, Blac Youngsta showing off his diamond time piece and more as he rattles off gibberish at an incomprehensible pace. Desiigner meanwhile gets a kick out of the display, offering his own out-there sound effects while sparking up with a barbecue lighter.

It's a pretty funny display of self-awareness, though Youngsta has a message at the end, seemingly for the strippers who called him out recently for not tipping. Dancers at Ace of Diamonds in Los Angeles claimed the rapper was being stingy during a recent visit. “You can ask anybody. [Ace of Diamonds] the only place I never threw no money… They’d had put a fine ass hoe on stage, I’d had thrown some money. Them hoes weren’t even naked, fool. I didn’t take it seriously," he said in response, saying that his rate to perform was so low he didn't feel the need to spend.

Watch the clip of the two up above, with Desiigner saying recently that he wants his children to speak like he does. "Daddy, Daddy, Gddddghaaah, you know how we do it, baby,” he said showcasing his signature tongue roll.

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