Birdman has captured Internet and media attention by walking out on his interview with The Breakfast Club late last week, and inspiring memes, trending topics and remixes shortly after. The Cash Money head honcho is making the rounds in support of his upcoming album Ms. Gladys, which is set to drop in June, but according to a recent Instagram post, he's planning to release a single today.

Posted around midnight last night (April 25), the above video teases a single titled "Fuk Em" featuring Neno Calvin and Hot Boy and shows Birdman unspooling some of his trademark boss talk, asking rhetorical questions about the impact he's had on the game and other's careers.

In the snippet, he says, "Who put this shit together, nigga? me, that’s who / Who took nothing turned it into something, that started with nothing? me, that’s who / Who made niggas millionaires and they ain't had nothing before I met 'em and then I made 'em rich or something, nigga? me, that’s who / Who went to the penitentiary caught five and had 15 and came out with ten on paper? me, that’s who / Who come from uptown movin' birds, puttin' in work gettin' to work, nigga? me, that’s who / Who sold a billion records, nigga? me, thats who / Who was 16 nigga with a mil cash, nigga? me, that’s who."

The boasting nature of the bit is reminiscent of Jay Z's verse on Drake's "Pound Cake" in which the rapper takes at least partial credit for the success of such colleagues as Kanye West, Dame Dash and Cam'ron. Cam understandably didn't take too kindly to Hov's assertions, claiming instead that his own hustle is to thank for his fortune, and it's possible that Lil Wayne and other Cash Money artists who prospered under Birdman's watch will take similar umbrage. What's more, the title of the track seems to suggest that those whom Birdman is speaking of will be receiving further words of a less than respectful nature.

"Fuk Em" will premiere on WorldStarHipHop today, with potential words for Wayne and other Cash Money artists. Last word on the father-son beef came from Mannie Fresh, who said in late March that things between Weezy and Baby were not entirely resolved.

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