They don't call him the No. 1 Stunna for nothing. Birdman recently flexed on us all, showing off video footage of his humble abode which comes complete with a golden toilet. A freaking golden toilet!

In the video clip (above), Baby is showing his fancy digs to his Rich Gang artist BTY YoungN. A quick scan of the bathroom reveals a gleaming golden commode, with a automatic lifting seat. "Straight gold nigga," the Cash Money CEO says, while his visitors gush over the stuntastic acquisition.

"Rich Gang, it's no way a nigga could make this shit up, dawg," exclaims BTY.

"I said, I aint gon' do it twice, so when I do it Ima give it to 'em," explains Birdman.

The music mogul has never been afraid to spend a check and get it right back. Like spending stupid amounts of cash on exotic whips and immaculate mansions.

Back in 2014, he had a video series called Flashy Lifestyle, where he would just stunt on astronomical levels for no damn reason at all. In one episode, he tours one of his Cali cribs which has an jaw-dropping view of the Los Angeles skyline. B shows off random items like solid gold Versace lighters, 24 karat gold iPhones, joints of medical grade marijuana the size of Cuban cigars, $5,000 fur throws, that day’s haul of Versace gear and a myriad of bottles of his liquor brand GTV Vodka.

So yeah, stunting is a habit.

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