Over the weekend, the rumor mill was buzzing that Birdman and Toni Braxton tied the knot. Well, Toni finally addressed the marriage rumors.

Toni Braxton Addresses Marriage Rumors to Birdman

On Sunday (Dec. 31), Toni Braxton jumped on her Instagram page to address the rumors that she and Birdman eloped and got married in a private ceremony in Mexico. In her post, the Grammy Award-winning singer denied that she got hitched to the No. 1 Stunna.

"My dear friend [Birdman] and I are not married...never been married. We are both single," Toni wrote in her missive, which can be seen below.

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So How Did the Birdman and Toni Braxton Marriage Rumor Get Started?

It's unclear how the marriage rumor got started. However, Toni's sister, Tamar Braxton, caught wind of the rumor and talked about it on IG Live.

In the video below, Tamar is with her fiance Jeremy "JR" Robinson and informed her fans that she did see the marriage rumor on social media. The singer joked, "Let me find out they (Toni and Birdman) got married before us."

"But, they’ve been together 14,000 umpteen years!" she added.

Tamar also responded to a story on The Shade Room about Toni shooting down the marriage rumor.

The "All the Way Home" singer wrote in the comment section: "My dear friend is wild. And ima mind my business and ride for my sister till the wheels fall [off] and then we walking or someone to drive us."

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Toni Braxton and Birdman Remain Strong Friends

Although Toni and Birdman are not husband and wife, they have been off and on for several years, according to reports. In January of 2019, the couple reportedly announced their break up and canceled their proposed wedding.

In spite of that, Toni later confirmed that she and Birdman are still together and their friendship is still strong. In fact, in November of 2023, Toni posted a romantic message to Birdman on Instagram, which can be seen below.

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Check out Toni Braxton's message on the marriage rumor and read Tamar's reaction to her sister's post below.

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