Birdman and comedian Druski recently got on Instagram Live together and the resulting conversation was hilarious.

Birdman and Druski's Wild Instagram Live

On Thursday (July 6), Druski tapped in with Birdman on Instagram in a video that has left some people confused as to whether the two entertainers were serious or not. In the video below, Stunna appears to be seething.

"What's up?" Druski timidly asks the Cash Money Records CEO.

"I been looking for you, n***a," Birdman snaps. "I heard you was in my neck of the woods, right. I ain't think it would be gangsta if I pulled up on you. So, I said, you know I got a few b***hes that's steppas. I ain't even gotta call no n***as, I got b***hes, where you won't come outside or come inside, n***a."

Birdman appears to be taking exception to Druski working witt Cash Money affiliated artists. Druski then starts copping pleas.

"On God, man," Druski says. "On a serious note, I was working with YoungBoy and Drake and s**t...."

"I heard about all that shit, too, n***a," Birdman interjects. "It's like you starting to step on my toes. You little young n***gas got the game f**ked up, n***a. I am that n***a, n***a...

"What the fuck is this record label you starting?" Birdman continues, in reference to Druski's fictional Coulda Been Records. "Put some respek on my name. You playing, five."

Birdman then proposes a buyout of Coulda Been Records, but Druski is hesitant. Stunna ends up hanging up on Druski after the comedian does not accept a proposition to merge Coulda Been and Cash Money, leaving Druski shook.

"S**t, Birdman gon' kill us," Druski says.

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Druski's Coulda Been Records

Druski has been promoting his faux record label Coulda Been Records through hilarious Instagram skits where he plays the scummy CEO of the musical imprint. He's "interviewed" the likes of Ice Spice, YoungBoy Never Broke Again, Drake and more about joining the label.

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See video of Birdman and Druski's jokingly tense conversation on Instagram below.

Watch Birdman and Druski's Hilarious Instagram Live Session Below

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