Many times when Birdman releases a statement about a new Cash Money signee, he says something along the lines of, “I knew he (or she) was a star.” That’s supposed to be more reassuring. Often, an artist gets a definite release date for their debut album when they do sign that dotted line. YMCMB is a good look, but it’s sometimes it’s an uphill battle for trying to release a body of work. That often becomes a battle to stay relevant after a certain period of time.

Even the most relevant artists of the group had trouble putting their new material out there. Years ago, Lil Wayne put the label on blast for keeping Tha Carter V on the shelf, and the once continued delay of The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty also had Tyga throwing shots at the label. As much as that sucks, at least they actually got to release multiple albums for Birdman and Slim's operation over time. There are plenty of artists who stayed on YMCMB for multiple years without one album out—forever hearing they were a priority; forever on the to-do list; forever up next. Some of them even stretch outside the realm of hip-hop, with acts like model Paris Hilton, rock band Limp Bizkit and actress Christina Millian once making the roster cut.

Don't get it twisted. It's not all bad blood. Some acts have since parted ways with Cash Money and have no remorse. But here, XXL takes a look at some of the label's signees whose albums never saw the light of day. Check them out below and read about what happened to their debut LPs.

These Cash Money Artists (Past and Present) Never Released an Album While on the Label

Bow Wow, Curren$y and more.

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