Bryan “Baby” Williams staked a million dollars on Super Bowl XLV and won big. recently spoke to the Cash Money honcho about how he plans to shell out his winnings, but apparently he already went shopping.

"I already spent that money [on] a Landaulet Maybach," Birdman revealed to XXL.

A lifelong Saints supporter, Baby picked the Green Bay Packers over the Pittsburgh Steelers, thanks to some good advice from Lil Wayne.

"My son [Weezy] is a Green Bay fan," Baby said. "I’m a diehard Saints fan, but he’s a die-hard Green Bay fan.  So I just went hard.  And I believed Green Bay was going to win, they pulled it off.  My son knows a lot of about sports, so I was just like whatever he’s going to rock with I’m going to rock with hard."

Baby's biggest bet was on the Floyd Mayweather, Jr. vs. Shane Mosley fight last May. He pledged a whopping $4 million on the Midwestern boxer. Baby hopes to exceed that should Mayweather ever go toe to toe with Manny Pacquiao.

"I’m a fan of him [Mayweather]," says Birdman. "Whoever he fights I think he’s gonna beat, so when he fights Pacquiao I’m going to bet 5 million."

The rap mogul is currently in Los Angeles with his Cash Money/Young Money family for this Sunday’s Grammy awards. We can all guess who he’s placing his moolah on. —Henry Adaso with reporting by Jozen Cummings