This past Monday (February 7) was a busy day for Big Sean. Not only was his song, the Chris Brown-assisted “My Last,” released as the lead single for his debut LP, but it was also announced that the disc, Finally Famous: The Album, would be available for the masses in March. Sean, however, is unsure that the CD will be released so soon.

“That can’t be right, because I’m definitely going to work on it right now,” the Detroit native told yesterday with a laugh as he was preparing to hit the studio in Los Angeles. “But it is coming out very soon. March is definitely premature. I would say, like, maybe summertime-ish. But we’ll make a big announcement.”

He didn't want to completely rule out the possibility of a release next month, though. “I’m not gonna say it’s not coming out in March, cause maybe [Def Jam has] some plans, but I, personally, don’t know if it’s coming out in March. But if they say it’s coming out in March, it’s coming out in March. I’m feeling a little bit more summer, but they’re the ones putting it out. I could be wrong.”

“Shouts to Def Jam, though," he continued. "I got so much love for them over there.”

As for the single, which has already been played on radio stations including New York’s Hot 97 and Atlanta’s V103, the 2010 XXL Freshman is pleased with the outcome and the response it’s gotten thus far. “I feel like that song really doesn’t follow any trends in music right now,” he explained. “It’s not necessarily a typical rapper thing to do, but what I like about it is that it’s feel good music. It’s fun and it instills a message to go out and do everything like it’s your last. I feel like that’s an anthem for when your on your way to the club, or in the club drunk as hell—or even whatever situation, just do it like it’s your last. It’s real soulful. It’s feel good and that’s what I like about it the most. It really set the tone for how the album is gonna be.”

Expanding on what listeners can expect from the album, Sean said that he’s been working heavily with No I.D., who produced “My Last,” and has also been in the studio with Kanye and Pharrell. He expects the album to be a treat for fans. “[It’s] something people—especially young people—can really relate to,” he promised. “I talk about [topics] from being broke, to getting on, to falling in and out of love, and everything in between. A lot of stuff that young people go through. Getting high and partying. All that type of shit, too. [It's] definitely a project you could live to, smoke to, have sex to, cry to. All that.” —Adam Fleischer

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