Big Boi and Killer Mike are among the most fearsome lyricists Atlanta has to offer, so it stands to reason they could rap skillfully about virtually anything. That's exactly what the two wordsmiths did in a recent episode of HBO's Animals, where they proved vocals for animated, fox versions of themselves for the program.

In the clip, we see the animal counterparts of the two rappers spitting about life as a fox as they jog over an instrumental made from the sounds of animals in the streets. Think Jay Z's "Politics as Usual," except the fox version.

"It ain't no stopping us/Me and my group of foxes is moving through this metropolis, rummaging through the garbages/We went to war a couple years with the pigeon mafia/They won all the park now we stuck behind the garages," Killer Mike—aka, Fox 1—raps in his verse.

Not to be outdone, Daddy Fat Sacks also turns in an impressively detailed narrative of the fox life during his verse. "I'm one of the foxes that's heavy Hippopotamus' asses," the OutKast member begins in his verse, detailing the life and times of a pudgy fox.

XXL recently talked to Big Boi about his forthcoming Boomiverse album, and he says he plans to add new dimensions to hip-hop with the project.

"When [Dr. Dre’s] The Chronic came out, music changed. When [Snoop Dogg’s] Doggystyle came out, music changed, when Wu-Tang came out, music changed. This is one of those big booms where we start it off and just switched to something else and hopefully everyone else will follow suit and just reach for something else than everybody’s song sounding exactly the same. All the patterns, the cadences, the beats; you can do more."

Fans can see if Big Boi reaches his goal when Boomiverse drops on June 16. For now, you can check out he and Killer Mike's fox freestyle below.

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