Bhad Bhabie has been stacking up racks ever since she went viral as a young teen. Now that her music career is flourishing and her Snapchat hustle is thriving, the Internet sensation-turned-rapper can finally enjoy the fruits of her labor.

According to a report TMZ published today (March 20), Bhabie, who was born Danielle Bregoli, received a custom-made, diamond-encrusted Rolex from her managers, Adam Kluger and Dan Roof, as an early birthday gift. Although her birthday isn't until March 26, Bregoli, who's 15 going on 16, says she'll be surprised if she continues to wear the watch after her Sweet 16.

"This is like my first real watch," Bhabie told TMZ while she was out in the streets of New York City. "I don't be wearing watches. I'd be surprised if I really wear it."

Created by Joel The Jeweler in L.A., Bregoli's new watch is known as the Mother of Pearl Rolex. The watch has 15.38 carats of VS diamonds that wrap around the band, and another 1.5 carats of VS diamonds in the shape of Roman numerals on the face dial. The young rapper says she's always wanted the watch, but what she really wants is a Lambo.

After receiving the watch yesterday, Bhad Bhabie dropped by the XXL office in Manhattan with her new piece of bling in clear view. The budding artist, who's recently collaborated with the likes of Kodak Black, YBN Nahmir and Soulja Boy, came by to make her case to be apart of the 2019 XXL Freshman class.

Bhad Bhabie also posted a video of her flossy new watch onto her Instagram page, and she offered up a shoutout to her managers in the caption. "THANK YOU to my managers since day one @realadamkluger and @djdroof for the early bday gift 🖤🖤🖤," she wrote.

Watch Bhad Bhabie talk about her new Rollie below.

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