B.G. graduated yesterday from one of Hope for Prisoners' training programs to remain a productive member of his community.

B.G. Officially Graduates From a Hope for Prisoners Program

On Friday (Sept. 22), B.G. hopped on Instagram and uploaded a video that highlights his graduation ceremony at Hope for Prisoners in Las Vegas. In the visual, which can be seen below, B.G. is seen striking some poses with a bevy of loved ones and walking on stage to receive his commendation. According to the honorary document, B.G., whose real name is Christopher Dorsey, will remain a productive, law-abiding member of his community due to completing the program.

"Yesterday I crossed another hurdle on this field of life," B.G. captioned the post. "It feels good to grow, evolve and be a better n***a now then I was before. I went to jail."

He continued: "Since I came home I noticed a lot of people are the same people I left, but I’m not the same dude that left. For all my haters keep hating and for all my supporters, I'ma make y'all proud. thank you to my kids, my team, friends and fans for traveling this journey with me and pushing me to be GREAT."

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B.G. Records New Project for First Time in 13 Years

On Sept. 17, B.G. hopped on Instagram and uploaded a video of himself creating music in the studio for the first time in a decade. Throughout the clip, the Cash Money Records rapper is seen rapping lyrics off a notepad into the microphone and listening back on his recordings. B.G. was released from federal prison on Sept. 5 after serving 11 years in prison for gun possession and witness tampering.

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Take a glimpse at B.G.'s graduation ceremony below.

Watch B.G. Graduate From a Hope for Prisoners Program

Watch B.G. Record in the Music Studio for the First Time in 13 Years

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