London's own Bexey delivers a demonic new visual. Today (July 13), XXL premieres the video for the rapper's new song "Cutthroat Smile," a $uicideboy$-assisted tune he's been teasing since April.

In the visual for the song, Bexey, who collaborated with Fat Nick on the song "Slow It Down" from his Generation Numb album last month, takes on the form of a ghost who terrorizes over-protective parents.

"In the video, the girl at the beginning is upset and annoyed that her dad has been shouting at her for listening to my music," says Bexey, whose image falls squarely in the realm of Emo rap. "Her dad don’t know anything about me, just judges from appearance and labels my music as evil and negative. I come to haunt him as a ghost in this castle," he adds. "It was a real fun video, I’ve never done anything like that. Jay Green directed it, he’s a genius."

The song itself is one that finds Bexey making demands that will lead him to some much-needed solitude. "Shut the lights off bitch, I don't wanna see a thing/Cut the sound out baby, I don't wanna hear shit," he raps on the new tune.

"When I talk about shutting the lights off, cutting the sound out, turning my mind’s about not wanting to feel anything, not wanting to be here, a break from the madness," Bexey tells XXL.

For their part, $uicideboy$ lend some distorted, ghostly flows to the track, even if they aren't in the video itself.

How'd Bexey link with the two Louisiana rappers? "Years ago I saw their music online and fucked with it," reveals Bexey, who collaborated with Lil Peep before the rapper's death. "We been speaking since back then. But [we] never made anything until now. It’s been something I’ve been wanting to happen for a while. The people been waiting for this to happen also."

From this point onward, Bexey will continue making big moves as his buzz grows to reach new levels with each day. A part of that streak of buzz-building will include a new project, a tour and a performance at the Billboard Hot 100 Festival next month.

"My plans for the year are to keep releasing more magic, make movies like we did with this track," the U.K. artist says. "Keep exploring different avenues… I wanna be the voice of a possessed vampire in an anime or some shit! Also I got a crazy project releasing in August and I go on tour with Fat Nick from September. Lots of exciting stuff."

Check out "Cutthroat Smile" for yourself below.


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