The Tz Anthem Challenge is taking the Internet by storm. Based on the song "Tz Anthem," by Detroit rapper Zay Hilfiger, the dance became a viral challenge earlier this fall when videos started popping up on Twitter of people following the directions in the lyrics. The dance may seem simple—it's only eight steps—but it's all about how you add your personal touch to the moves.

Zay Hilfiger and a friend created the song back in 2014 after they saw the hype associated with "The Nae Nae" song (and corresponding dance) by ATL group We Are Toonz. Zay, 15, wanted a piece of the Internet fame action, but didn't put much thought into the song at the time.

"I didn't write nothing down," Zay told The Fader when the dance really started taking off. "It was just randomly on the beat. I was just so excited."

#TzAnthemChallenge is just one of many Internet-born challenges so far this year. Let's not forget the Chance The Rapper-fueled #SoFarGone Challenge in early August or the #RunningManChallenge in May. Now that the TZ Anthem Challenge has taken over, it seems this one is better suited for strictly experienced dancers. At the height of the craze, even Zay himself showed off his dance skills to his own song in a Twitter video. Check out some of the best #TzAnthemChallenge submissions the Internet has to offer.