In case you've been living under a rock, Future had a pretty big 2015. By dropping two fire mixtapes in one calendar year (Beast Mode and 56 Nights), an equally impressive sophomore album, DS2, and a collabo with Drake, What a Time to Be Alive, the word-slurring, dirty Sprite-sipping aficionado became the superhero of the trap.

And Future's internet-born fanbase, known affectionately as the Future Hive, swarmed like no other hip-hop fandom this year. Thanks to Future's banner year musically, the Future Hive turned every lyrical punchline, pop cultural happening or subliminal diss at Ciara and Russell Wilson into a hilarious meme. The Future Hive even managed to Photoshop XXL's 2015 Freshman cover to celebrate his GOAT status.

When the ATL rhymer covered our Fall 2015 issue (his first solo cover), he cited the honesty in his lyrics and melodic tone as reasons the rap world has embraced him so much this year. "The recording process for making this album was totally different. I was way more honest with myself, with my fans," Fewtch told XXL's Vanessa Satten in the cover story interview.

Well, keeping it 100 has made the internet really band together for him. No matter what Future does, whether it be surprise us with a mixtape, come out with his own line of hats or drop a raunchy music video with Blac Chyna, the Future Hive will support his every move. We have the memes to prove it. Check out some of the Future Hive's most hilarious internet moments of 2015.