Berner’s 2018 is starting off with a few new highs. Not only did the San-Francisco rapper release his latest album, The Big Pescado, at the top of the new year (Jan. 16), but the 37-year-old also opened the doors to his second marijuana dispensary on the same day.

Covering over some 25,000-square-feet of land, Cookies Los Angeles, Berner’s newest dispensary, is one of the first marijuana shops to open in the southern California city of Maywood following the state’s new recreational pot laws. As of New Year’s Day, adults 21 and over in Cali can purchase pot products to use as they please.

Berner’s new shop has a whole array of goodies to keep customers lifted, including indica and sativa strains with names like London Poundcake, Biscotti and Jack.

The greens at Cookies Los Angeles aren’t cheap either, which isn’t surprising considering Berner’s marijuana-laced lyrics. Fans of his music already know he’s only smoking quality greens and now customers visiting the Maywood location can do the same. Smokers can cop some of Berner’s signature strains like Lemon Chello #19 for $420 an ounce. However, the dispensary does offer less expensive indicas and sativa strains that go for about $200 an ounce. The shop also sells individual pre-rolls, candy, marijuana-infused juices like Hemp20 and cannabis accessories for a much smaller price.

Hoping to become one of Cali’s finest seed-to-sell dispensaries, Berner told LA Weekly opening a pot shop in Los Angeles was one of his biggest dreams, especially after noticing how cannabis helped his mom through her battle with cancer. “Marijuana helped her get through the pain, helped her with her appetite,” the rapper said. Unfortunately, she died eight years ago from the illness.

Although doors only opened recently, the Contraband rapper already has expansion on the brain and said he plans to open up at least four more dispensaries. The marijuana entrepreneur is also developing a grow room on his Maywood property equipped with picture windows, so customers can see the marijuana plants while they shop for their tree.

—Janice Williams

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