When Marvel tapped Ta-Nehisi Coates to write its newest Black Panther series "A Nation Under Our Feet," the comic became one of the most talked about series in awhile. Each month a video segment that accompanies the new comic books has been released since the launch of "A Nation Under Our Feet" last May. The latest segment features a new song by Bas titled "Don't Front." The new record is the first release by the Dreamville artist since his Too High to Riot album that dropped last March.

Bas shines, rapping to his significant other not be fake around him. "This a true flame, this ain't butane/Who changed when you called? Who came?/Still do, never falter/You know I rock with you like Gibraltar," he raps.

Too High to Riot was one of the best projects of 2016. Bas' songwriting shined while he also improved on his rapping skills and delivery. Standout records from the project were “Clouds Never Get Old,” “Dopamine,” "Night Job," “Matches” and "Ricochet." Also peep his collaboration with Ab-Soul for “Braille.”

Watch the latest Black Panther recap below and peep the record as well.

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