Dreamville's Bas and J. Cole take viewers into the darkness for the video for "Night Job." The Andrew Nisinson-directed video finds the two rappers in an abandoned warehouse while hooded bandits lurk throughout the visuals. "I'm on my night job, my niggas riding my city understand us/See a hundred bandits, each put a hundred bands up/They can't call us bandits no more/Same hood, same corner store/But them same old hoes ain't wearing panties no more," raps the Queens MC while mysteriously walking around a dingy room.

Cole comes in for his verse and rips off some bars while a sexy chocolate-skin bombshell relaxes in the background. "Night Job," is off of Bas' new album Too High To Riot, which dropped last week on the same day Kendrick Lamar released untitled unmastered. (March 4). This KQuick and Cedric Brown-produced banger is just one of the many standouts on the LP. He has already released the video for both “Methylone” and “Housewives” off the album. Too High To Riot is a follow-up to Bas’ debut Last Winter, which dropped back in 2014.

Back in 2014, Bas explained to us how he start rapping:

I didn’t write my first rhyme until my 23rd birthday in 2010. It was me and some homies. It was after my birthday party. We got back to their crib down in the West Village. We used to call it the Bleecker Street Carter ‘cause we used to like have Tha Carter, Tha Carter II, Dedication, Dedication II on rotation. A bunch of them were NYU students, so it was always booze and drugs available. It was like our little headquarters downtown. So I DJed a party and we got back. My boy DJ, he used to love pulling up GarageBand on his MacBook and just rapping. He would loop a beat for like twelve minutes and roll a blunt in between and just rap for a bit. We still have those tracks where you can hear him rolling in it and sparking it. It might be no raps for a minute and a half, but then he comes back and starts rapping.

So we got back he’s like, ‘Yo, let’s rap.’ I’m not a fucking rapper bro. I grew up in Queens. I know of 50 dudes who have been rapping a decade plus. You don’t get anywhere in life being a rapper. He’s like, ‘Nah, man. C’mon. Let’s just try it out.’ I did it that night. The first beat we got on was Kanye West, “Breathe In, Breathe Out” off The College Dropout. We did something with him and Luda. And we did that. The next day, woke up, played it for all the homies just for kicks, for laughs. ‘This is what we did drunk last night.’ Everyone was like, ‘This is pretty cool.’ And the next day we did another one. Throughout that summer, we kept on doing more. Everytime we didn’t have much to do. We be high and shit. Then I started to get into … it was like a bug, I couldn’t stop writing. It became a real passion of mine.

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