In more sad news after the death of Mobb Deep's Prodigy, it's been confirmed that 32-year-old Alabama rapper Bam Bam Carter has died. A man's body found in the trunk of a burning car on June 8 was identified as Paul Matthew Carter a.k.a. Bam Bam Carter.

The body was located in the car in Ensley, an annexed part of Birmingham, Ala. Someone called in a car fire at 2033 Fayette Ave. at 3:22 a.m. Firefighters eventually discovered the body after the fire was put out. Authorities took some time to figure out what kind of car it was as well as identify the body due to the severity of the fire.

Associates of Bam Bam's told he had not been seen for two days since the fire. Bam Bam's family only had words to relate that, "He loved his music." One of his friends, Ashley Rogers, spoke highly of his personality: "I've been knowing Bam for 12 years and have never known for him to do anything wrong to or towards anybody."

There have been no arrests made regarding his death as of yet.

In an interview from January 2016, Bam Bam described a recent change in his lifestyle and movements in order to put Birmingham back on the map. "As I got older, I had to leave the bullshit to the side and be about the business," he said. "God blessed me with a vision. I had to bring the city back. I had to bring the city together instead of beefing with the North Side, instead of beefing with the East Side."

You can watch the full interview as well as his latest music video "Straight Up" below.

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