Baka Not Nice is finally dropping his OVO Sound debut. The Toronto spitter announced on Tuesday (July 24) an Aug. 3 release date for his album 4Milli. The same day, he let loose the music video for new single "Junior High."

The Tobias Nathan-directed visual finds the Drake protege creeping around various low-lit cuts, crooning in autotune like his voice is being exorcised from the shadows. His crew smokes underneath bridges, tags abandoned walls and carries a muzzled pit bull for company. The lurking ends in a shootout.

Baka's verses focus on the inarticulable sensations of drug-hazed glamor. "Flipping, running these Percs now/No need, flipping all these birds now/Sippin' OJ, poppin' Percs now/I'm so high, I have no feelings now/I feel like ooh-ooh-ooh/Diamonds dripping, lean like ooh-ooh-ooh," he raps.

The "Live Up To My Name" spitter, who first entered the spotlight as a contributing vocalist on Drizzy's More Life playlist, signed to OVO in June 2017. At a press event announcing the move, The Boy praised Baka for dedicating to music after being released from jail a few years earlier.

"When [he] got out of jail, there’s a lot of different paths that he could have took. He decided to focus on music," Drake said. "I just want to give this pen to my brother. I love you, G. Trust me. You’ve been holding it down for a long time."

Baka has dropped several tracks since signing, including "I Am Who I Am" and "Money in the Bank." The latter received visual treatment in January.

You can watch Baka Not Nice's "Junior High" video and view his Instagram post announcing 4Milli's release date below.

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