OVO Sound's Baka Not Nice is a man that's making himself hot in the industry. Ever since dropping his breakout hit "Live Up to My Name" in May, fans have slowly been gravitating towards his music. Within a span of a few weeks, Baka has released two new records, “Money in the Bank,” which was premiered on OVO Sound Radio earlier this month, and “I Am Who I Am,” which was premiered on Beats 1.

"Money in the Bank" is a club record, with Baka rapping about his time behind bars and how now that he's out, he's been getting checks. "Locked up ’cause a nigga didn't tell/Real niggas never took the deal like Chappelle/Warden tripping ’cause I treat the jail like a hotel/My celly tripping ’cause I got a cellie in my cell (cellie)/Ringing like a telethon/Like a marathon," he raps.

For “I Am Who I Am,” it's Baka in his element, rapping about his moves in the streets. It's pretty amazing to see how natural he is on different types of records. There's always a lot of energy.

Baka raps on "I Am Who I Am," "Got a night pack on back/And a Mac on my back/Got ’em wacked, hollow tips on the strap/Talking to the feds we know you niggas rats/Stack up the racks, double up on the packs."

The Toronto-based rapper is working on his his own solo project titled 4Milli. The project doesn't have a release date but hopefully it releases soon. Bump both songs below.

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