6ix9ine's new Dummy Boy album leaked onto the internet Saturday night (Nov. 24). While it is yet another setback for the embattled rapper who is currently facing multiple decades in prison after being arrested on federal racketeering an gun charges, Azealia Banks is using the leak to show her stuff.

While Banks is not on the tracklist for the album that came out last week or the actual leaked version, she claims she was supposed to be on the track "Feefa" alongside Tekashi and Kanye West. She shared her verse that was removed from the track on Instagram on Saturday, saying she bested both 6ix9ine and Yeezy on the bubbly cut.

“High key flamed both kanye and tekashi on this,” she wrote in the caption. “I recorded this a few weeks ago. Since it’s leaked may as well throw my bid in. This is a rough demo.”

AB does put on an impressive showing. The clip starts off with some words from 6ix9ine before the Harlem spitta rolls into her verse.

“Old money sittin’ on top of new money/Shoe money stacked in the case and it’s new honey," she spits. "Designer prints imported, I got it flew to me/Dubia sipping on a yacht, my niggas cruise for me/Designer drip and it’s Vivian Westwood/Look best with Versace shades on signing checkbooks/Chanel pendant on my shirt, how my chest look?/I stunted on these bitches, now I wonder how my ex look?/Oh shit, a bad bitch over here/I’m getting dough, bitch, you mad leave it over there.”

When a fan insinuated 6ix9ine's loyalty to Nicki Minaj was the reason Banks did not end up on the final version, Banks agreed. "1000%," she responded.

Banks and Minaj have had major issues in the past. Curiously, she recently slammed Nicki for working with 6ix9ine, due to the rapper's conviction of a sex crime. There may be another angle. Banks recently called out Kanye West as well.

Dummy Boy was supposed to be released on Nov. 23, but was pushed back due to the Brooklyn rapper's current legal issues. "Due to circumstances beyond our control we have postponed the release of Tekashi 6ix9ine's Dummy Boy until further notice," a statement released from the rapper's team reads.

Check out Azealia Banks' "Feefa" verse below.

@AzealiaBanks via Instagram
@AzealiaBanks via Instagram

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