Women have been marching all over the country in the name of women's rights this weekend, but not everyone is excited about the show of unity. Azealia Banks sees the gatherings as a farce, and is warning women not to fall for White feminist tricks.

Banks expressed her feelings via social media, hopping on Instagram to state her case earlier today (Jan. 22). "Why do women fall for these white feminist tricks all the time," she started. "Now that some white dude has taken office who simply said something silly about grabbing a pussy they want to march in the streets under the guise of human freedoms."

Banks reasons that the same people who are marching were silent when Black people were getting killed by police last year. She doubled down on her feelings in the comment section.

"Be careful with this women's march ladies and be careful with mainstream feminism," she wrote. "Be very very careful. The support white feminism demands from the world is not the same support it gives back. Nothing has happened yet. I'm super duper intuitive and really think he'll do a great job. I'm very very optimistic," she added.

Banks was one of the very few Black entertainers who were willing to perform at President Trump's inauguration. “Saw the entertainment line for the inauguration it made me very upset,” Banks wrote on Facebook two days prior to the event. “This is an EPIC moment in modern history and it should def be celebrated in style. I would love to perform at the inauguration.”

Apparently, the feeling was not mutual.

Check out  the rest of Banks' diatribe over the weekend's events below.

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