Axel Leon, the rising rapper from the Bronx, is looking to turn heads with his new mixtape.

South Bronx is where Axel Leon is from and he gives his listeners a reminder with the release of Rich Port 2, the gritty follow-up to his first mixtape Rich Port. On the 10-track project, the MC navigates through his hood giving listeners real tales from the streets and putting everyone on to where he’s from. Heavily influenced by the classic film Paid in Full, Axel Leon replicates and samples great moments from the movie such as Mitch’s (Mekhi Phifer) spiel to Ace about “having dough and leaving the league.” By far the most popular record on the mixtape, “Rich Port to Rich Porter” is a hard hitting record that reps both Harlem and the Bronx. The track also features Jim Jones.

Other songs such as “Fuck Your Favorite Rapper” showcase the rapper's talented wordplay as he raps about disrespecting someone's favorite rapper and elaborating about being fly and graduating from the hood.

“Niggas telling now a days, ride through here we’ll lift your coupe up/When we say we’ll fix the leak, we don't mean we’ll patch your roof up,” the rapper spits. “Red butter soft Moncler, Italian leather soft/Shiny squishy, yours look stiffy they got the feathers wrong/Wax denim black Balmain’s, black 11’s on/Rose gold iPhone 7 with the 7’s on/My old flow will go toe to toe with your new music/Rap like a pair of dumb twins, flow two stupid/I’m here to stay ya’ll ain't got to move me/You couldn't see me in the ring if I starred in a horror movie.”

Earlier this year, Axel Leon teamed up with Tru Life to drop a record called "Bang Bang," where both rappers spit reckless bars about murdering today's mumble MCs.

Axel Leon has been making a name for himself lately and last year he heated things up as he made a few moves. He spit a dope freestyle on Hot 97 with Funk Master Flex back in December and in early 2016 he put some fans on their feet with his “All The Way Up” freestyle. Not to mention, he released both The Black Hole and Rich Port mixtapes last year that catapulted him to where he is today.

Stream Rich Port 2 below.

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