Before Audio Push release their debut album, 90951, on Sept. 23, the California rap duo unleash a new single called "Play Action" featuring Hit-Boy.

The four-and-a-half minute record is produced by Hit-Boy and G Dave. Price explains how he and Oktane came up with the idea for the song. "We got in the studio with Hit-Boy and G Dave in the 4th quarter of creating our album! We have created multiple anthems together from 'Them Niggas' to 'Grinding My Whole Life," Price states.

"We wanted to make another anthem for the vibers out there that are pounding the pavement daily to make their money. Make a flip, 'a flip' meaning a money play ... meaning play action," he continues.

Hit-Boy is executive producing the 12-track album, which also features BJ The Chicago Kid, Musiq Soul Child and others. You can pre-order 90951 now for $7.99 via iTunes. The group's long-awaited LP is a follow-up to their Stone Junction EP, which dropped in April. It’s hard to believe that Audio Push’s debut will arrive seven years into their career. Price and Oktane recently spoke about why it took so long.

“We just know what we wanna say [now],” Price told XXL. “We know what our message is. We feel like we know who our fans are. We have a foundation of fans and we’ve just grown, so now we’re finally at a place where we can stand on something. We know a lot of artists that put their debut album out and they hate ‘em. Can’t stand ‘em.”

On the day of the album drop (Sept. 23), Audio Push will embark on a 30-city tour alongside Dizzy Wright. You can view the tracklist for 90951 below.

Audio Push's 90951 Tracklist

1. "Ghetto Fabulous. Filtered Water"
2. "Leftside"
3. "Control Us"
4. "Spread Love"
5. "Heaven Yea"
6. "Praise You" Feat. Musiq Soulchild
7. "Slow Motion" Feat. BJ The Chicago Kid
8. "Play Action" Feat. Hit-Boy
9. "Throw It Back"
10. "Black Han" Feat. Kent Jamz
11. "Hypocrite"
12. "Hyperbolic Vibe Chamber"

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