Audio Push jump on Amine's "Caroline" for an early preview of their upcoming My Turn 3 mixtape, dropping soon. The Inland Empire duo both show why they are some of the best lyricists in hip-hop.

"Bad thang, fine as Heaven/Call the reverend/Six inch heels, One up in the seven/Look at how she steppin," raps Price.

For their My Turn series, Audio Push take beats from popular songs in hip-hop and rap over them. My Turn II was released last year. The amount of music Price and Oktane have released the last two years is plentiful. Three mixtapes -- The Good Vibe Tribe (2015), My Turn II (2015), Inside the Vibe (2016) -- one EP (The Stone Junction (2016) -- and their debut album -- 90951 (2016) -- proves they're on their grind.

The last time the West Coast pair caught up with XXL, they were confident that they had finally mastered their sound for this new release.

“We just know what we wanna say [now],” Price said. “We know what our message is. We feel like we know who our fans are. We have a foundation of fans and we’ve just grown, so now we’re finally at a place where we can stand on something. We know a lot of artists that put their debut album out and they hate ‘em. Can’t stand ‘em.”

Listen to their take on Amine's "Caroline" below.

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