Atmosphere continues to drop some gems for their fans. Slug and Ant keep their monthly streak going as the duo has released a new track called "Windows" featuring fellow Rhymesayers artist Prof.

2016 has seen Atmosphere drop a new cut each month and the songs have been quite good. "Windows" is no different with its simple message to stop snitching on yourself. Prof provides the assist by handling the hook while Slug dazzles with his rhymes on Ant's production.

"Shut up, everybody shut up/All of y'all talk too goddamn much/Slither back under that rock you're from/Got a hiss on the tongue that you just can't trust/I might be a fuck up/And maybe you are too, but I ain't no judge/Run through dirt just to kick up dust/Put a little paint on the tip of the brush/Go ahead, breathe with no regrets/Life's too brief to be so upset/Gotta take the lost and plead the fifth/Sometimes the world will make you eat that shit/Gonna jump like a kangaroo, break outta the zoo/Let the universe know that you made it through/Stay true to your name and crew/But watch what you say and who you say it to," Slug raps on the third verse.

All of these tracks might be a sign that a new Atmosphere project is in the works. Whether the duo simply compiles these songs for an EP or is preparing for a proper album, it's an exciting time for any Atmosphere fan. Slug and Ant have some other obligations though as they'll be performing at a few festivals this summer. Check out the list of dates for their scheduled shows below.

May 29 – St. Paul, Minn. – Soundset Festival
June 3 – Las Vegas, Nev. – Hard Rock Hotel and Casino
June 4 – San Bernardino, Calif. – Blaze N Glory Festival
July 2 – Chicago, Ill. – Mamby on the Beach
July 22 – Jamsa, Finland – 0 Pipefest
July 23 - Helsinki, Finland - Tavastia Club
Aug. 19 - Wasaga Beach, Ont. - Monster Energy Center of Gravity 2016
Sep. 2 – Morrison, Colo. – Red Rocks

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