Aston Matthews is crafting some gems for his big summer release. After offering up "Days Like This" in April, the Los Angeles rapper returns with a new cut called "Hallelujah" produced by Antwon Carrera.

The ominous mood of the song kicks in with an opening sample of dialogue from the film Goodfellas. After that clip sets the stage, Aston Matthews jumps into the fray with some furious bars.

"Pay me everything you owe me/Boy I need every nickel, dollar out a fiend/Started from a dollar and a dream/But everything ain't always what it seems/A lot of real ones died behind the scenes/A lot of cowards taking all the fame/Knowing if we pressing ain't nobody bout to die about your name/Who u think you fooling/If your name ain't holding weight then what you think you really moving/My dogs eating full plates, you n---as getting full clips/Loose aim for the loose lips/Six holes for your face, send a black rose for your wake/You ever been so close to the gates/That God will look you right up in yo face/And say he never knew you/Yeah, he look you right up in yo face and say he never knew you," Aston Matthews raps on the opening verse.

Aston Matthews gets spiritual on the track with a repeated chorus of "glory hallelujah" and the Lord's Prayer being recited in some screwed vocals. These features really mesh well with the dark vibe of the production.

You can expect to see "Hallelujah" on Aston Matthews' new project Coldest Night In Hell, which is coming this summer. With that project officially announced, it appears that the California native has put his Chapovelli album on the backburner for now.

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