Aston Matthews gives listeners his account of the violence in South Los Angeles on his latest track. The rapper's "Coldest Night in Hell" offers his perspective on 2015's "100 Days, 100 Nights," a period of gang violence sparked by the murder of a 27-year-old man.

"Snitches get the stitches, boy, you know the layout/Once you pulled up on the turf, you know the only way out/You know it's death before dishonor, bullets from nirvana/And we never put the pussy up before the commas," Matthews raps.

The song displays Mattthew's growth, which has been a focal point of his new music. Last year, he spoke to XXL about being more than a gimmick.

"I've grown up a lot and now it's time for everybody to see what's up and get that, 'Okay, you're a real rapper.' Not a gimmick, not a character; there's more than that," he told XXL. And I've been doing that, but all the wrestling shit kinda blurred everybody's vision a little bit. And now it's gonna be clear what I'm saying. I just feel like my lane is so wide open, as far as me being from the West Coast... There hasn't been anything like this since Cypress Hill. Cypress Hill took it one way, I feel like I'm the newer version taking it my way, establishing something new out there. And they need it, they want it."

If "Coldest Night in Hell" is not enough to whet your appetite for Matthew's music, make sure to check out his "Desperado" single below. The track premiered two months ago and can be downloaded via this link.

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