Asian Doll found herself in a heated argument with a podcaster but kept her cool despite the disrespect being thrown at her.

On Monday (Jan. 3), Asian Doll walked out of the Fresh & Fit podcast after things got tense between herself and the show’s co-host Myron Gaines a.k.a. “Fit." In a clip that surfaced on social media on Tuesday (Jan. 4), Gaines appeared to be agitated that Doll is having a conversation with one of the show’s guests while other people are talking. You can watch video of the situation at the bottom of this post.

“Guys, sidebar conversation, please,” said Gaines in a huff. “You know this is the fifth time I told you that, right? Like stop, for real, like stop.”

“He mean as fuck,” Doll responded.

Fresh & Fit cohost Walter Weekes (aka “Fresh”) came to Gaines’ defense and stated that Gaines is not mean but added that the guest Doll was talking to was having sidebar conversations throughout the show, which appears to be against the rules of the program.

“She’s been doing it for the whole show, I’m not mean as fuck," Gaines reiterated. "I just have rules, simple.”

As the show continued, Doll said under her breath, “Damn, you a mean-ass nigga.”

That’s when things went left.

Gaines stopped the podcast and immediately got into an argument with the Texas-born rapper.

"Excuse me," he said. "I'm not mean at all...Have you been here the whole time?" When Asian Doll replied, "No," Gaines continued to make his point.

“So you gon' come on somebody’s show and not know what go down and say, ‘Oh, you mean?’” he questioned Doll.

“It don’t matter, I can say what I want,” answered Doll.

“OK, then you can get the fuck off the show, too, get the fuck off the show, too,” Gaines clapped back. “You can go. You’re not gon’ come on the platform disrespecting me.”

Weekes jumps into the fray and tries to quell the situation by insisting that Doll is not going anywhere and suggesting that Gaines chill out.

“He’s hot, I’m calm,” Doll stated.

“No, I’m very calm, but it’s like, like bro, you gotta show a little respect on the platform,” Gaines replied.

The other host attempted to diffuse the situation, offering an explanation for Gaines' stance, but to no avail as it appears the podcast was ultimately cut short.

After the heated back-and-forth, the show resumed but Gaines was visibly upset and eventually walked out of the room. Shortly thereafter, Asian Doll left the room as well.

Gaines began replying to some viewers who were leaving comments on the video's stream. "I don't even know who she is," he said after reading a comment. A guest on the show responded, "That's King Von's girl. You don't know who Queen Von is?" To which Gaines replied, "I know who King Von is. I don't have to know who his girl is."

On Tuesday (Jan. 4), Asian Doll hopped on her Twitter account to explain her side of the story.

"I was so calm yesterday cause I knew what he was tryna do," the Doll SZN Reloaded rapper wrote. "Mr. Freddy cougar was Finna get beat down elm street off camera I’m thankful for the growth & self control & im happy I defended another black woman cause he was treating her sooooo bad ugh!"

To her credit, Doll was very calm during their heated argument.

When a fan complimented Doll for keeping her cool during the podcast, she responded, "Yeah it’s 2022 we ain’t doing allat," along with a tears of joy and weary face emojis.

Watch the exchange between Asian Doll and Fresh & Fit co-host Myron Gaines below.

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