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Photos courtesy of Matt McGinley

Cladded in a leather jacket, Bathing Ape shark hoodie, gold accessories and a pair of fresh Adidas, Harlem's self-professed Pretty Mother-you know the rest, A$AP Rocky was in a zone last night at NYC's Adidas Originals SoHo store.

Except he wasn't shopping or filming a commercial for the brand that he shares an affinity over. As part of New York Fashion Week, Rocky—with the A$AP Mob in tow— held a secret show at the Manhattan boutique shop (to celebrate the retail outlet's 10 years in business) presented by Vice, drawing in a small number of people that varied from hipsters, fashionistas (wearing Black Scale, leopard print button ups, etc.), avid hip-hop nerds and, oh yeah, fashion designer, Jeremy Scott—all riding out to the trill wave.

Performing a medley of forearm-pumping, middle finger flipping bangers from both his critically-acclaimed mixtape, LiveLoveA$AP and the crew's recent Lord$NeverWorry project, the intimate room was turnt up to the max. One fan in particular, Scott, stood and watched intently before raising his arms high— as if he was reaching out to answer a question— when Rocky uttered, "Shout-out to my brother Jeremy Scott." It almost felt as if the crowd was in a trance the way they gravitated towards the Mob's collection of records including tracks like "Work," "Trilla" "Pretty Flacko," "Goldie," and more.

"I appreciate ya'll coming to [rock with me tonight] and those that love fashion as much as I do," said a humbled Rocky as the event drew to a close. "I want to thank you." Soon after, the airy instrumental to his breakout hit "Peso" bursted out the speaker, doubling the size of his posse on stage. Harlem was definitely on the rise.Ralph Bristout (@XXLRalph)