The Roots hosted their 7th Annual Roots Picnic in Philadelphia over the weekend. One of the acts to blaze the stage at this year's festival was the Trap Lord from Harlem, A$AP Ferg. The Mob member was a crowd favorite from the moment he started his set. Performing his hits "Work," "Shabba," "Dump Dump" and more, Ferg lit up the crowd with his highly addictive tunes.

With a new A$AP Mob album in the works, and the single "Hella Hoes" scheduled to drop very soon, we caught up with the Fergenstein to discuss his first experience at the Roots Picnic, the M.I.A. tour he just wrapped up, another possible Bape collab and more.

How was your experience today here at the Roots Picnic?
It was dope! I made a mistake and walked into Jhene Aiko's dressing room. [Laughs] I didn't see no nip slip or anything like that, but I mean it was all good. She was cool about the situation. I thought it was the bathroom, but she was cool, and I got a chance to meet her. The people in Philly is fucking turnt up. They didn't want me to leave, and I got an encore, so that's always dope.

You recently wrapped up your tour dates with M.I.A. How was the tour?
The M.I.A. tour was dope. My last day on the tour was the show in New York. M.I.A is one of the coolest people to work with, and her show is amazing—all of the lights and the artistic things she does for her stage performance is dope. From the stage set to her outfits, she puts on a great show.

Can we expect a future collab between you and M.I.A.?
Oh, definitely! I speak with her all time, so that will be in the works.

Speaking on collabs, for the release of your Trap Lord album, you did a collab T-shirt release with Bape that was designed by Jay West. Can we expect another Bape x Jay West collab maybe with the release of the new A$AP Mob album?
We're going to continue to work with Bape because Bape is the fam. Me and Jay West is brothers, so that's always going to happen, but as far as the Mob, us as the Mob have a whole nother aesthetic that we go by. Me personally, my aesthetic is art, keep it art bond because that's my background. I went to art school with West, so that's my relationship with him.

Are you going to develop a clothing line of your own?
I'm a designer and an all-around artist. I express myself through different mediums, through songs, fashion, painting, so I will never stop creating. I'm definitely going to be doing a lot of fashion projects coming up. I've been designing all of the Trap Lord merch. It's no longer merch. I went from selling it on tour to actually building a website and an application that you can buy the stuff online now. It's bigger than me now. There're a bunch of people out there that are Trap Lords and representing.

What are some of the clothing brands you are currently rocking with?
Ralph is my favorite designer, so I've been wearing a lot of Ralph Lauren gear. Sneaker wise I've been doing Vans, Converse, uptowns, Nikes and of course Trap Lord—I keep it real basic. We've been doing a lot of touring, so it's however I'm feeling at the time. I dress according to how I'm feeling.

When are you guys dropping that "Hella Hoes" single?
"Hella Hoes' is coming out soon. I don't have an exact date on it, but it'll be out ASAP. The video will be out soon too. I just seen the rough copy of it, and it's coming out crazy.

Any major features that we can expect from the upcoming A$AP Mob project, L.O.R.D.?
Well, we tried to keep it mostly with the Mob. You know, me and Rocky came out, and we showed the world what A$AP Mob has to offer, so we want to continue doing that with the other Mob members because there's lot of us, so we want everyone to get their shine as well.

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