Since releasing their album The Easy Truth last September, Skyzoo and Apollo Brown have been traveling the world in support of the project. Most recently, they returned from South Africa and Mozambique. And they come bearing a gift in the form of a new video, "On the Stretch & Bob Show."

For the new visual, Apollo and Skyzoo link up with director Isam Muhammad to cast a handful of Brooklyn kids to play themselves along with Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito. It's a unique take on their guest appearances on the historic WKCR segment, The Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Show. The kids are spot-on with Stretch and Bobbito's comical mannerisms as well as capturing Skyzoo's and Apollo's serious demeanor on the mic and beat machine, respectively.

The video switches between a high quality camera and a lo-fi VHS tape to give a raw, authentic throwback feel. The grainy visuals align perfectly with the boom bap style of the track. It's a close call on which hits harder, Apollo's head-nod production or Skyzoo's lyrics: "And all the WCW's that you screenshot/Got the front door of my building like a Supreme drop/Treat me like the Lord, I double them like a restock/Strung ’em underground, now they looking for the chief rock."

"On the Stretch & Bob Show" is the third video to come out of The Easy Truth, following "Jordans and a Gold Chain" and "A Couple Dollars." Apollo and Skyzoo's The Easy Truth is available everywhere now.

As for Stretch Armstrong, he's kept himself busy as of late with the release of his book, No Sleep as well as working on a new NPR podcast with Bobbito.

Watch Apollo Brown and Skyzoo's "On the Stretch & Bob Show" video below.

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