Apathy is gearing up for the release of his new album, The Widow's Son, but before the project drops on March 2, the rapper shares his latest song with M.O.P. and Celph Titled, "Stomp Rappers."

Produced by Apathy himself, the hard-hitting track is full of scratches and guitar riffs as the rappers deliver in-your-face bars. "It's a highway to hell breaking outta my cell/With the smell of gun powder like a shotgun shell/The spell's broken, I've awoken crawling out from the ocean/Breath fire approachin' you in the violent motion," Apathy spits.

The inspiration for the track comes in part from a classic pop culture flick. "Just wreckin' shit," Apathy tells XXL. "Crushing cities. Stomping wack rappers out. Destruction. That kind of energy. We wanted you to think of Godzilla smashing through buildings and shit."

According to the Connecticut native, "Stomp Rappers" originally began as a collaboration between him and Celph Titled, until a business partner of Apathy suggested getting the Brooklyn duo on the track.

"Working with M.O.P. has always been a dream of mine," Apathy says about the "Broad Daylight" rappers. "Those guys are easily one of the greatest groups of all time. Our business partner, Craig, is a huge M.O.P. fan, and he was like, 'Let's put M.O.P. on this,' so we did."

Up next for Apathy, the rapper has a lot of touring in the works and also has a son on the way. "Lots of touring. West Coast, Midwest, East Coast, all of Canada, and Europe," he told us. "My son is going to be born in early May, so I'll be busy with him for the spring and summer. Hopefully finding some time to record as well."

Along with M.O.P. and Celph Titled, Apathy's upcoming album will also feature guest appearances from Pharoahe Monch, DJ Eloheem, Brevi, Ryu, AG, The 3rd Degree, Locksmith and more. He's previously released "I Keep On," featuring Pharoahe Monch and production from Pete Rock, plus the DJ Premier-produced "The Order" and the Nottz-produced "Alien Weaponry."

Listen to "Stomp Rappers" below and preorder The Widow's Son.

Dirty Version
Dirty Version

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