San Jose, Calif.'s own Antwon is back with a brand new project. Titled Sunnyvale Gardens, the rapper's newest effort is brimming with the sorts of inventive songs the rapper's become known for.

Sunnyvale Gardens features guest appearances from Lil Peep, Andre Martel, Matt Ox and Ben Free with production from the likes of as Kaytranada, Shlohmo and others. On the project, Antwon tackles everything from romance to fashion with equal comfort, showcasing the eclectic musical and cultural influences that make him stand out from the rest. One such uniquely Antwon track is "94s," a track where he pays homage to Nike's Air Max 94s.

Check out Sunnyvale Gardens for yourself below via SoundCloud and cop it on iTunes.

Antwon’s Sunnyvale Gardens Tracklist

1. “Shawty Wanna” (prod. by Lars Stalfors)
2. “Cowboy” (prod. by DJ Lucas)
3. “In My Sidebag” (prod. by Fish Narc)
4. “Airplane Mode” (prod. by DJ Lucas)
5. “Party Boi” (prod. by DJ Lucas)
6. “Visine” Feat. Lil Peep (prod. by Shlohmo)
7. “What I D” (prod. by Kaytranada)
8. “Tonight” (prod. by Lars Stalfors)
9. “94s” Feat. Wicca Phase Eternal Springs (prod. by Fish Narc)
10. “Ritas” Feat. Matt Ox (prod. by Blizzed Out)
11. “Perrier” Feat. Andre Martel (prod. by Hugh Myron)
12. “Bars” (prod. by Lars Stalfors)
13. “Canadian Cotton” Feat. Ben Free (prod. by Ben Free)
14. “Till They Call The Police” (prod. by Froskees)

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