What's in a name? It depends, especially if your last name is Weiner and you end up in a major scandal involving photos exposing your, uh, hotdog.

After denying allegations, Anthony Weiner, the disgraced U.S. Congressman from New York admitted to having sent sexually explicit photographs of himself to several women followers on Twitter.

While dick shots might be shocking in Congress, it’s not as unheard of in the hip-hop world where MCs spit about the very same thing. West confesses in "Runaway," his second single off of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, that he “sent this girl a picture of my dick.” XXL made a short playlist to help Weiner get camera-ready for his next photo shoot.

Kanye West "Runaway"

Lil Kim ft. 50 Cent "Magic Stick"

Ice Cube "Get Off My Dick"

Kanye West "Flashing Lights"

50 Cent "Ayo Technology"