Alchemist wants it on the record that he never heard Earl Sweatshirts' new album. Also, he wants to be left alone.

"I lied. Never heard the album. Leave me alone," he wrote on Twitter this Friday (Oct. 5).

Fans were certainly disappointed to hear his message, though quite a few believe he could be fibbing. "You just lied again," one Twitter user wrote. Given the excitement and anticipation garnered after his original tweet calling the album a "masterpiece," it's certainly possible that Al didn't want to set himself up for Earl's fans to flood his DM's with requests to hear the album, too.

Check out Alchemist's new tweet below.


Fans are already hyped for new music from Earl Sweatshirt, and now, producer Alchemist confirms that not only does the rapper have a new album finished but calls it a "masterpiece."

After a fan tweeted at him yesterday (Oct. 3) asking, "when that new Earl shit dropping," Alchemist responded, "listened to his new album again last nite that shit is a masterpiece."

This is huge news for Earl fans, who have been anxiously awaiting a new album from the artist for three years since his last LP I Don't Like Shit, I Don't Go Outside. A few weeks back, Earl teased new music in a tweet that he quickly deleted which read, "The vibes... SRS COMING SOON THE WAIT IS ALMOST OVER !!"

Although it's unclear what "SRS" means, Alchemist's revelation fuels the rumor that it could be the title of an album. In other Earl Sweatshirt news, he'll be performing at a charity concert celebrating the life of his late friend Mac Miller, which will take place on Halloween at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles.

Alchemist will also be busy on Halloween. He is apparently serving up production on the joint Curren$y and Freddie Gibbs mixtape Fetti, which drops on the spooky holiday.

Check out Alchemist's tweet below.

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