With his new album Some Rap Songs dropping in a few days, Earl Sweatshirt hypes up his fans with more brand new music, this time teaming up with The Alchemist. Yesterday (Nov. 27), the veteran producer dropped "E Coli," which is a new single off his upcoming Bread project, and it features the former Odd Future rapper. With Al behind the boards, Earl comes through with some intense rhymes that give fans a gist of what he's been going through recently.

“My thoughts, dreams, plots, and my schemes/ That’s what’s on my mind when I toss in my sleep,” Earl raps in the first verse of the song. “My heart like my pen/ When I jot and it bleed/ My cart full of sin, when I shop it’s a spree/I got some new leaves, I'm like 'What's the word with you, sir?/You just moss on a tree, I'm not concerned with you/I leave the curb when I'm crossing the street,'" he continues.

The video that accompanies the track is a unique one. Directed by Jason Goldwatch, the video doesn't star Al or the "Nowhere2go" rapper. Instead, Goldwatch combines footage from a 1960s Japanese sci-fi series Ultraman with scenes from a cheap robotic porn flick you've probably never seen before. The song will appear on Alchemist's Bread project, which drops on the same day as Earl's Some Rap Songs on Nov. 30.

Listen to Alchemist and Earl Sweatshirt's new song "E Coli" below.

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