Akon recently explained why he chose to wear fake Dior during his most recent Drink Champs interview.

Akon Reveals Why He Wore "Drio" During His Interview With Drink Champs

On Thursday (Aug. 10), French Montana hopped on Instagram and posted a video of himself hanging out with Akon. In the video below, the Moroccan-American rapper and Akon share a few laughs before he asks Akon where he got his knockoff black-and-white Dior jacket from. Akon retorts that he donned the duped fashion piece during his interview with Drink Champs on July 15 to gain traction and support his fellow natives.

"Yo, Akon, man," French Montana says in the clip. "N***as wanna know, where did you get that Drio from?"

"The Drio came from one of my Africans," Akon told French Montana. "I’m always supporting my Africans. We go hard for each other. I knew that was gon’ raise engagement. It only takes one person to notice, and it’s gon’ go crazy on the internet and it did exactly what we wanted it to do."

It should be noted that Akon proudly bears his African roots often. In 2014, he even started a project with Thione Niang called Akon Lighting Africa. Their mission is to provide electricity by solar energy in Africa.

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Akon Gifts French Montana a Real Watch After Accidentally Giving Him a Fake One

On July 11, the singer gave French Montana a real Hublot watch after mistakenly buying the rapper a fake one years ago. A few days later, Akon revealed during his interview with N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN on Drink Champs the reason he got duped out of buying the exclusive timepiece. Akon said that a man on Canal Street in New York City convinced him that the watch he purchased was the real deal.

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Take a look at Akon and French Montana discussing the singer's "Drio" attire below.

Watch Akon Explain Why He Wore Fake Dior During His Recent Drink Champs Interview

Watch Akon Wear His Fake Dior Jacket During His Interview on Drink Champs

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