Hip-hop crooner Akon has some experience dealing with TheSmokingGun.com. The singer was busted by the site when they revealed 'Kon's car theft past wasn't as vast as he led many to believe. Still, Akon has thrived and is in the midst of working with Michael Jackson.

So who better to offer Rick Ross advice?

'Kon told MTV News that Ross--who was busted after he repeatedly denied his past as a correctional officer--should just focus on the music. And that this moment will soon pass.

"It'll only affect Ross if Ross allows it to affect him," Akon explained. "Had I gone out and entertained the article [on me], it would have blew the article out of proportion. Wherever they got their facts or information from, let that be what it is. YOu got your story out, thank you very much. I bow to it and keep it moving. Now, if you wanna entertain it, then you're gonna open up more worms you probably don't want opened up. So all Ross has to do it focus on his music."

When pictures surfaced online citing Ross as a correctional officer in Miami, he vehemently denied the allegation. TheSmokingGun.com, however, revealed Ross' records with Miami's Department of Corrections. Since the story, Ross has maintained his stance that his street cred is in tact; he hasn't addressed his time as a law enforcer.---Nino "Dubs" DeLuca.

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