Ace Hood has long possessed one of the best flows in rap, now spending over a decade in the game and experiencing success in a multitude of ways. He's really never stopped working, always making sure to get music out and hit the road to feed the fans. This time around, he has a new video for his song "Undefeated," which mostly follows him around the studio.

The video, which is directed by Brian Willette, is straight to the point. Ace Hood is scene recording "Undefeated" in a studio, on different mics. He exits the both, and shots of his live shows are mixed in. He has full control of the crowd, and does a good job of revealing his creative process.

On the song, Ace Hood says whatever he wants, even calling out hidden enemies. "Don't give a fuck 'cause in this moment I got shit on my mind/Just to test a nigga heart I put that bait on the line," he spits. He also speaks on his newer, more spiritually in-tune self: "Tryna level, balance out, I meditate all the time/Learned my lesson, turned my blessings into one of a kind."

Ace Hood has decided to take his career into his own hands, and it's evident from his lyrics on this song. "Working my relationships to even out the odds/Stacking up the money, put some people on the job," gives a peek into his mindset, as an artist who wants to control how things play out.

"Undefeated" appears on Ace's Trust The Process: Undefeated II mixtape, which also features the songs "Testify" and "Be Calm."

Give the "Undefeated" video a watch below.

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