Macklemore isn't the only white rapper out of Seattle that's popping in the Emerald City. Lyricist Aaron Cohen, who has been putting in work for a few years now, puts forth the fruits of his labor on his new EP Off the Ground.

Produced entirely by Kemal, the project contains eight tracks with guest appearances from Wati Heru, ABGOHARD and Young Joey. Cohen released the title track from the project earlier this month, followed by the video which came out earlier this week. The video for the track was directed by Tanner Jarman, whose film High Hoops recently won the 2015 Revolt Film Fest. In the new visual, Cohen is trapped in a mental institution, with his only means of escape being through his imagination.

AC is a different breed. Originally from Seattle, Cohen has spent a number of years in NYC honing his skills as an MC. The combination of the West Coast and East Coast state of mind make for an interesting mix.

Off the Ground is Cohen's first project since 2015's Homeless. In 2014, he put out the project You Wouldn't Know. In 2013, he released Potential Fans which is where he caught our ear. "[I want] to make the songs I want to make," he told XXL back then about not conforming. "Hopefully I’ll inspire people to do what they want with their lives instead of being depressed robots in the workforce."

Stream Off the Ground, above.

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