Money Man is trying to make 2018 his year. He starts things off by dropping his new mixtape, Grow God.

The new tape features 12 tracks, with only one guest feature, as BC Shooter appears on the song, "Keep It Cool." Double M sticks with a working formula, as he talks D-Boy lingo over trap-heavy production. The cover art for the new tape features marijuana plants affixed to the rapper's face, coinciding with the project's title.

Grow God is the follow-up project to the mixtape, Secret Society, which he dropped last July.

Since signing to Cash Money Records in 2017, Money Man has been trying to forge his path while ducking comparisons. "I ain't gonna lie, I get compared to everybody. I get compared to Future, Rich Homie Quan, Kevin Gates," he told XXL in October. "The reason I get compared is simple. It's because sometimes the consumer's ear just listens to the melody and the harmonization instead of the words. So if you started rapping and putting a little harmony to it, you sound like Future. The subject matter is totally different from everybody. Kevin Gates' subject matter is different from Future. So that's how I look at it."

The rapper thinks he will stand out from the crowd with more exposure. "Until I boost up a little bit and people start hearing more, that's when they'll start listening," he added. "They gotta hear your name a couple times before they actually come listen. But they might see you and pass it over, and when they see you a fourth or fifth time, that's when they go looking for it to see what you're talking about."

Time to level up.

Listen to Money Man's new Grow God mixtape below.

Money Man's Grow God Mixtape Tracklist

1. "Sacrifice"
2. "Performance"
3. "Internet"
4. "Hotspot"
5. "Change"
6. "17"
7. "Keep It Cool" Feat. BC Shooter
8. "Fuckery"
9. "Flower Pots"
10. "Fake Friends
11. "Horsepower"
12. "Isis"

Cash Money
Cash Money

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