If musician biopics and countless rise-and-fall documentaries have taught us anything, it's that the glamor and glitz of fame are usually accompanied by parasitic acquaintances and illusory friendships. That's a point Seattle's own Aaron Cohen makes with "Hit You," a GodBodyWati-assisted track that finds the rapper calling out the opportunistic snakes of the world.

"The song is inspired by all the BS I've seen so far in the music industry," Cohen tells XXL of his new track. "I always see rappers and music business types latching on to whoever is doing well at the moment. This song is a diss for all of the opportunists who abandoned me, letting them know that they messed up. That's why I chose to make the track with artists I'm tight with in real life, me, Kemal and GodBodyWati all lived in a tiny recording studio together for awhile."

Cohen pulls no punches on the track. "I'm a leader, you a weed carrier/You a snake, and there ain't nothing scarier/Can't hide it, we all saw your character," Cohen spits over twangy strings and muted percussion that sound like the soundtrack to a seance.

"The song is off of my next project, See Red," Cohen shares. "The project is 12 songs and is due out in late February."

We can also expect to see some new visuals, as Cohen says two new music videos are all set to drop before See Red finally arrives. Beyond that, he's already planned his next tour.  "After [See Red is released], I'll be touring extensively in Europe," he reveals. "The first show of the tour is a headline show March 8 in Paris."

See Red obviously hasn't been released yet, but Cohen hasn't let that stop him from looking ahead. "I've also started working on new material with Kemal and a number of U.K. producers, but that won't start coming out till after See Red."

Check out "Hit You" below. Listen to his 2017 track, "Cake Up," when you're done with that.

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